Rice Cooker White Rice

The Lazy Cook’s Starch.

The rice cooker is a friend to the culinary enthusiast who wants the best but lacks all the time in the world to create it.  These simple instructions ensure wonderful results every time.

A “rice cooker cup” equals ¾ cup.  So if you lose the cup that comes with every rice cooker, just measure ¾ cups rice for each rice cooker cup that you will be using.  The standard for adding salt is ½ teaspoon of salt per rice cooker cup.

All you need is:

  • 3 rice cooker cups long-grain white rice (or Jasmine or Basmati)
  • 1 ½ t kosher salt

Add rice and salt to the bowl of the rice cooker.

Add water to the bowl until it reaches the “3” line on the “white rice” side of the bowl. Place bowl in rice cooker and press start.

When rice cooker beeps to signal that it is finished cooking, use rice cooker spatula to “cut” the rice by running the spatula through the rice in a tic tac toe (or hashtag) pattern. This makes the rice easier to break up, stir and serve.

Fluff the rice, and serve immediately, or hold in the rice cooker for up to a couple of hours. Here is the biggest benefit of using a rice cooker. It removes the problem of timing your starch for the rest of your meal. You press start an hour or longer from when you want to eat dinner and you barely think about it again. Enjoy!

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