What does perfection mean? That something is flawless? Faultless? Pristine?

So what if you could plan the perfect day of food? What would you have? I’m not talking about the most decadent, absurd menu that you could ever (or couldn’t ever) afford; I’m talking about a menu so perfect that you could eat it every day without getting bored, or feeling guilty, or cashing in your retirement fund. So, maybe there should be some fruit and veggies involved. And you’re probably going to want to avoid foie gras and $5000 bottles of wine.

I asked the question of many of my colleagues and foodie friends. Coffee, eggs, wine, Nutella and peanut butter all ranked high on the list of favorites.

Here’s mine:


Kona espresso/ Fresh POG (passionfruit, orange and guava juices)/ Nectarines, raspberries, oranges or a combination, with full fat Greek yogurt/ Faux-fried egg (no oil; steamed) with toasted top half of an everything bagel, for sopping.


Miso soup/ Japanese pickles/ Sashimi, preferably including, but not limited to suzuki, hamachi, sake, maguro and mutsu/ Maybe a glass of Suishin sake, depending on what’s on the agenda for the afternoon.


Small glass of sparkling wine (cava would help with budget)/ Three lightly dressed raw west coast oysters/ Grilled baguette slices topped, while still hot, with Humboldt Fog, Brillat Savarin or Tallegio, fresh thyme and crushed dried pepper, harissa or sambal/ Grilled or roasted asparagus with Parmesan/ Three ounces of strip and 1 ounce of filet from a rare grilled porterhouse; Glass of syrah/cab blend (an affordable everyday option, like Root 1)/ Extremely tart key lime pie or a little dark chocolate, depending on my activity level for the day.

But I understand that my taste is not for everyone. So here’s Red’s and Marley’s list:



Full-fat Greek yogurt/ Raspberries/ Faux-fried egg/ Toast with peanut butter


Mac and cheese/ Ham/ Pluots and canteloupe


Grilled cheese/ Salad with onion vinaigrette/ Chips/

Plus, of course, as many brownies, cookies and scoops of ice cream as any adult can be coaxed into allowing them.

Okay, so your turn. What’s your perfect day of food?

2 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. When my dear friend Maggie first posed this question, I thought she meant one food and I said Peanut Butter – Duh. But as she clarified, I was intriqued by the thought and made my own “Ground Hog Day” menu.


    Bowl of fresh seasonal fruit – Winter Citrus, Spring Berries, Summer Stone Fruit, Fall Apples/Pears with 1/2 cup full fat greek yogurt, flax seed and honey – If I have to pick one season then Stone fruit – Peaches

    1/2 whole grain english muffin with Smoked Trout and a Soft Poached free-range Egg

    Cold Press Peaberry Coffee


    Open Faced Turkey BLT on Toasted Pumpernickel with Butter lettuce, Nueskes Applewood Bacon, Heirloom Tomato and a little Dukes Mayo

    2 Tablespoons of fresh ground Peanut Butter with 1/2 of a crisp apple, sliced

    Homemade Trail mix – Sprouted Almonds, Walnuts, Bittersweet Chocolate, Dried Blueberries, Pepitos, Toasted Unsweetened Coconut


    3 Large Peel-n-Eat Shrimp poached in Zatarain’s Court Bouillon with House-made Cocktail Sauce

    Small Arugua-Spinach Salad with Grilled Pears, Aged White Cheddar Crumbles, Crispy Prosciutto, Toasted Almonds and a Cider Balsamic Vinaigrette

    4 ounces Pan-seared Flatiron Steak with Blue Cheese Horseradish Sauce
    4 roasted Herbed Fingerling Potatoes
    Crispy Green Beans with Dijon and Lemon

    Flour-less Chocolate Mini-Torte (3 bite) and 1 Tablespoon of Gran Manier Whipped Cream

    and Depending on the day…
    16 ounce Locally brewed IPA or Glass of French Bordeaux

    It covers all the food groups – bacon, shrimp, peanut butter and chocolate – Bon Appetite!

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